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Royal Weddings & Honeymoon

Wedding, a bond for life ahead between the two souls who are in love with each other and wish to spend their life being partners for rest of their lives.
At Wedding Assistance by Partner Tours, we help our clients to be the host of a memorable event for their guests who come to witness the new beginning of two souls and shower their blessings on them. Our team of professionals who offer a complete package that helps our client to remain stress free for the entire wedding festival. The most important point that is to be decided is choosing an appropriate wedding destination, our relations with Royal Palaces gives us edge to organize a typical Royal Wedding experience in the state of Rajasthan to our clients. Once this task has been accomplished the entire remaining task is handled by the highly committed group of professionals who expertise in this field. Planning of the event, designing of the event, coordination and organizing of the event, is completely performed by the skillful team members. Apart from managing the event an excellent consultancy service is also provided by Wedding Assistance.

WAPT provides their clients all the assistance in the fields required, right from choosing a destination and planning of the event till the actual execution of the event is taken care of by the team members so that the couple and the family members can enjoy the wedding without any stress. Special dream ideas from the couple and from their family are also encouraged to incorporate in the event to make this gala fest their dream wedding experience. We also assist in choosing honeymoon destination and can make all necessary arrangements on request


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